TRC Car Hire Tenerife

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  • All hires are undertaken subject to the company’s terms and conditions of hire as incorporated into this document.

  • The terms and conditions and limitations of the insurance policy are considered to be part of the hire contract.

  • The insurance is valid for the province of Tenerife, and is included in this hire contract.   The vehicle may not be taken to other provinces or outside Spain without prior authorisation.
  • The hirer is responsible for the use of the vehicle according to the conditions stipulated in the contract and accepts responsibility for any additional driver as an agent of the hirer.
  • The lessor (company) is not responsible for any personal objects left in the car and subsequently, any damage caused to the vehicle in any attempt to steal such objects would be the responsibility of the hirer.
  • All charges will be calculated at the tariff rate in force on the day of the contract, unless previously agreed and confirmed in writing at some other rate, and excluding calculative errors or omissions.
  • the hirer agrees to pay on demand, charges in respect of:

a)      Hire of vehicle and any optional accessories and equipment ordered.

b)      IGIC at the current rate

c)      Collision damage waiver, or insurance excess in the event of damage to the car, failure to return the vehicle as it was delivered, with its equipment and accessories in the specified place at the correct time, and in a clean and tidy state,

d)     Any sum charged for damage to the vehicle or its accessories due to the negligence of the hirer.

e)      Any additional charges incurred through the extension of the original contract.

f)       Any parking, speeding or other types of fine or infractions incurred. The lessor (company) has a fixed ADMINISTRATION HANDLING FEE OF 35€. THIS DOES NOT PAY ANY ACTUAL FINES INCURRED

  • The  hirer agrees to:

Inform the lessor (company) immediately of any loss, damage or fault to the vehicle. Be responsible during the rental period for the maintenance of:

a) tyre pressure         

b) engine oil level

c) battery fluid level

d) screen wash levels

e) coolant levels

  • The hirer agrees to return the vehicle in the condition it was supplied, with the relevant equipment and accessories

a) On the date and place specified on this contract.

b) In the condition it was supplied at the commencement of the rental.

c) In a clean and tidy condition.

The hirer agrees that on failure to do this, the lessor (company) has the right to charge costs to the excess/deposit held.

On breach or termination of the hire period, the vehicle must be returned to the lessor    (company). If the vehicle return is late by 1 hour or more, according to the signed contract, a full day rate will be applied without exception and consequent day rates charged thereafter. Any further costs for recuperation of the vehicle will also be the liability of the hirer.

The hirer shall be considered responsible for the vehicle in respect of any of the following offences which may have been committed with respect to the vehicle.  The hirer agrees that the vehicle will not be driven:

a) For hire or reward

b) For racing, rallies speed trials or tuition.

c) In manner or purpose for which it was not constructed.

d) By any person not authorised to drive by the lessor (company)

e) Outside the province of Tenerife, without prior consent

f)  In the event of mechanical, electrical or structural failures which may cause further damage or be in contravention of the law.

g) By any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who is not licensed to drive the vehicle.

  • The hirer is advised that smoking is NOT permitted in the vehicle and that the transport of animals is also prohibited. Cleaning charges may be applied if contravened.  
  • The hirer agrees that all rental charges, damage charges or charges accrued through negligence of the hirer may be taken from the deposit held, or from the hirers credit card details overleaf, up to the stated limit, without further notification or authorisation being deemed necessary, as per the terms and conditions of this contract.
  • Our hire rates do not include fuel. However, our vehicles are normally delivered with a full tank of  fuel and  must be returned with the same level of fuel as indicated when receiving the vehicle. If there is a deficiency in the fuel level on return of the vehicle a refuelling charge levied at 50% more than local pump cost will apply.Clients are advised that in accordance with the law 15/1999 of 13 December relating to data protection (LOPD) Traditional Rentacar SL, abides by current law, and their personal details are included in a computerised database. Clients are advised that at all times they have the right to access, modify, rectify or even cancel their personal details by writing to the lessor (company) address stated on this contract.